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Empowering international and local students to learn and grow together through our innovative buddy program.

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Our Story

At Broaddy, we believe in the power of cultural exchange and friendship. Our platform connects international students with local peers to foster meaningful relationships and cross-cultural understanding.

Through our buddy program, students have the opportunity to explore new perspectives, share experiences, and create lifelong connections.

Join us in building a global community where diversity is celebrated and friendships know no borders.


How does it work?

Our platform matches international students with their mentors based on shared interests and preferences, creating personalized buddy pairs.

Is it free to join?

Yes, joining Broaddy and participating in the buddy program is completely free for all students.

Can I choose my buddy?

Absolutely! Mentors have the freedom to select their preferred buddy from the matched options provided by our platform.

How can I get involved?

Getting involved is easy! Simply sign up, create your profile, and start connecting with your buddy.

Is there support available?

Of course! Our dedicated support team and the university coordinators are available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

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Key Features

Discover the exciting features that make Broaddy the ultimate buddy program platform.
Personalized Matches

Find your perfect buddy based on shared interests and goals

Matching Monitorig

Easy reporting and dashboards serve as perfect overview on how the pairing is going

Powered by Salesforce

Harvest the tailored CRM functionality out of the most popular CRM platform with Broaddy


Broaddy at your Institution

Our instance package grants you access to our platform and includes a single admin license.

Experience the full spectrum of our features and functionalities as you dive into seamless mentorship management.

Additional Admin License

Expanding your administrative capabilities is a breeze with our additional admin licenses. 

Add more prowess to your team, multiply efficiency, and empower collaboration without breaking the bank.


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The Power of Connecting International and Local Students
Bridging the Gap

Our Mission

At Broaddy, our mission is to bridge the gap between international and local students, fostering a global community of understanding and collaboration.

Through our innovative platform, we aim to create meaningful connections that transcend borders and enrich the educational experience for all.

Our Journey

Inception of Broaddy

The idea of Broaddy was born, at Czech University of Life Sciences.

First version of Broaddy

The first version of Broaddy released and was received lot of positive feedback. 

Broaddy Becomes SaaS platform.

Broaddy was updated to facilitate Buddy Program at any university around the world. 

Broaddy Global Expansion

Broaddy expanded its reach, connecting students across continents and cultures in different universities. 

Broaddy 2.0 Launched

Launch of new version build with modern technologies and based on Salesforce platform - leading CRM technology

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Experience the joy of cultural exchange and friendship through Broaddy's innovative buddy program.

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